Pausing Bankuet subscription

5th November 2020

No additional Bankuet donations

Thank you to everyone who has supported the foodbank through Bankuet. Your donations delivered nearly 1500kg of food to the warehouse. When there were difficulties getting food donations through the supermarkets earlier in the year Bankuet was a useful alternative way to get food delivered in bulk, and it helped to meet a desperate need.

For now, the Bankuet subscription is being paused.

The local community has been amazing: making donations, supporting drop-off points across supermarkets and organising group donation deliveries directly to the warehouse. We’ll keep the situation under review and if we need an alternative again we might re-open our Bankuet appeal. If you are able to donate, please use our usual drop-off points or donate through paypal if you can’t get to the shops and are able to donate cash. Thank you.

More information about drop off points

Paypal donations

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